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Controware have a great experience in products, systems, services and solutions needed for all customers in a large number of industries.


Controware proposes to its customers is to provide a better way to assess the appropriate and innovative solutions and retrofitting the existing control systems so that they get ready for the latest technologies such as Industry 4.0 where connectivity over IoT will become an asset.

Our expertise includes:

Pumping Stations
Water Treatment Plants
Waste Water Plants
Seawater Desalination Plants
Seawater Desalination Plants
Tank Farms
89476030 - large industrial water treatment and boiler room. reverse osmosis plant, ro


The water industry is at the service of other industries

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Controware is an experienced technology company that helps her customers to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By its electrification, digitalization, electrification, consultation & automation, Controware pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels.
We have always taken a sustainable approach to business. Since we were founded, we have been pushing the boundaries of technology to help our customers make their operations more energy efficient and productive.
Advanced solutions for your manufacturing business
Designing, building and testing with highest quality
Delivering best results for reasonable operating cost


The food and beverage industry is going through rapid transformations


Pharmaceutical industry is an inseparable part of healthcare sector


Metal fabrication projects include heavy equipment and machinery


The water industry includes water engineering, operations, and wastewater plants.
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